AFTER YEARS STRUGGLING to write in the FANTASY genre, TROY FORD realized all the drama, strangeness, MAGIC, and elemental forces you could possibly want already happen every morning from the moment we open our eyes, and subsequently switched to LGBTQ+ LITERARY FICTION.

TROY FORD categorically DENIES that he prefers the company of almost any common DANDELION over most people.
TROY FORD is not exactly an INTROVERT, but if he were, he would be in a near perpetual state of EXASPERATION in this JINGLE JANGLE world.

TROY FORD has been a bagger, a babysitter, a gardener, a burger flipper, a fry guy, a shopkeeper, a concessionaire, a greenskeeper, a hashslinger, a caterer, a bookseller, a librarian, a stock broker, an interior designer, and most recently, an émigré, houseHUSBAND, & dog DADDY.

Here are some other keywords and tags you might see POP up from time to time:

los angeles ADOPTED he/him NEURODIVERGENT reading 
SAUDI ARABIA boarding school UC BERKELEY rhetoric QUEER 
SAN FRANCISCO oakland SPAIN sitges
SOBER meditation