In Focus

There is inside each of us a multitude of moods, modes really, you might think of them as personas brought out by what we're wearing, or how we're feeling, sometimes good - like a woman wearing her favorite power suit, or a guy wearing sexy undergear and a smile - or you know, not, like what most people would feel if they were suddenly naked in a room full of strangers.

You might think of all your different modes like one of those machines at the eye doctor - you sit staring through the contraption, focused on a screen, and there comes a click click click, is this clearer or click click click this? 

And in a way you learn something about yourself with each life lesson, each click click click, ah, there is my formula, ah yes, that first one, there, that describes me, and not the other way, not the me being seen by the world in this way or that, with all of its judgment, capriciousness and dysfunction, its desperate survivalism, its clannish corruption, its shallowness, its power hunger and fear, but no, click click click, instead none of that, instead, I can focus clearly on a world which also contains much generosity and kindness, focus on my own and other people's essential worth and value, focus on supporting my own self and others the way I might encourage a child, and how I -*we* - are all endowed with unalienable rights from birth, whether other people see and act toward us with that same clarity, or not. 

Click. Yes. That's the prescription.