"Now, I'm going to turn on your third eye, it will feel a little strange but we turn on that one first - or third, as the case may be, haha! - because it's essentially the same view as the first two, which are already integrated biologically from birth - Mother Nature really is sharp, ain't she?  

Hey, hand me that sprocket there, doll, wouldya?

It's gonna take a little while to integrate, it's different for everyone, but once you get the hang of it, we can start turning on more - once the brain pathways are activated, each one gets easier, and at some point your capacity enhancements kick in - that's a whole 'nother deal, one step at a time! - and of course, much later, you'll have your remote viewers, your swarms, you know - that's the drones you see buzzing round in cute little clouds - you'll get your eyes at your home and your eyes at your work or wherever, but that comes much later, I don't want you to worry about any of that right now, sweetie. 

Oh, I see you got the rose-tinted upgrade, good fer you.

You got any questions, hon?"